- May 25th, 2018 -

Weekend playtest – This is it boys!

This is it folks! Sky is clear, Operation Market Garden is a go this weekend!
We have more than 30 thousands soldiers waiting on the landing grounds ready to get into action.

Vehicle behaviour is now a lot more stable (not perfect, but playable/enjoyable) and all the current bugs and issues should not break the game.
Keep in mind that you will play on a development build and bugs WILL happen and all our features, gameplay mechanics are subject to change.

While we make sure the logistic is ready for the weekend operation (servers, anti-cheat, grenades are properly packed and hot tea) Periscope Games entire development team would like to invite you to a **Live Tea Time With The Devs stream on Friday night at 7.00pm GMT**, where we will walk you through our maps, game mechanics, tanks system, rules etc..
That way you will be ready to get into battle without being a headless chicken running clueless to a certain death. Don’t be a burden and make sure you are game ready!

On a side note, all Douglas C47 will have to stay grounded for this first event, we did not have enough time to properly test it and the system is not yet robust enough to go live. We know you understand, it will come not long after..
On the bright side, you will be able to fail miserably to penetrate a Panther from the front in your trusty Cromwell! So if you plan on being a tank commander, make sure to inform yourself about tank weak spots, that will extend your lifespan and your crewmen considerably. A good tank crew is an alive tank crew!

We will share with the community a list of known issues so you know what is pointless to comment on. For everything else, we will have a support line ready on our website for you to open a ticket. We don’t know yet what our response time will be, but we will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible. There is also our Discord server where the community will gladly help newcomers: discord.gg/postscriptum

Only people who pre ordered the game will have access to the weekend playtest. However, it will be heavily streamed so if you like what you see and you change your mind, pre ordering the game will grant you immediate access to the event and the following ones.

Last but not least, Periscope Games would like to say a massive thank you to our two “Official Server Providers” for the weekend event!

BlueFang Solutions:


Nitrado Server:

If you are in need of a server provider for your favorite games, check their link below. They will be able to host your server for Post Scriptum when we release.
Thanks to them for providing over 120 servers!!! Sincere thank you from all of us!

We hope you will like our game and see you on the battlefield!

PS: Pre load will open tonight after our live stream for all the people who pre ordered Post Scriptum. Pre ordering during the weekend will grant you immediate access to the playtest.
We will start turning server gradually on tomorrow Saturday 26th of May around 8.00am GMT!

Sincerely yours,
Periscope Games


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