Post Scriptum Partnership Program

What is the Post Scriptum Partnership Program?

The Post Scriptum Partnership Program is a program designed to help active Post Scriptum content creators grow and expand their content with the help of Periscope Games.

In order to facilitate this, we don’t look at the follower count as our primary gating for the Partnership, rather your interest, activity and content creation within Post Scriptum. This means that we want to see your commitment to your content within Post Scriptum on an active basis. For YouTube this is at least one video every two months and at least 1 Stream every 3-4 weeks for Twitch. We have ensured these requirements are as lenient as possible while ensuring all our partners are actively creating content.

As long as you are making content regularly and is passionate about what you do, you’ll remain eligible. If you for whatever reason stop producing content for an extended period, we might make the decision to end your Partnership, but you are welcome to re-apply again when you start creating content again.

 You are also welcome to contact us at any time if you are concerned about your partnership status or would like to end the Partnership.

Who qualifies for the Program?

Any content creator who actively creates content, we go through every submission to find the ones that go that extra mile to make their content something special and unique. Still, we are also looking at people who enjoy sharing their experience and show an active dedication to the game and its community. Here are a few guidelines:

  • Active, consistent production of content.
  • A positive, respectful outlook.
  • Willingness to cooperate.
  • Involvement with existing communities.
  • Active social media accounts.
  • Good knowledge of the game(s), as well as gaming in general.

It is also important to mention that you do not need to play Post Scriptum exclusively to be eligible, we understand that there is a broad range of games everyone enjoys. We do lay weight on how often you engage with our game and the community. However, we do require our partners to create content or engage with the community at least once every month in order to remain eligible. For YouTube it’s at least once every two months.

It’s also good to note that we are not a replacement for your own marketing, you are still responsible for your own brand. We can help you strive but you should seek your own growth. With the Partnership also comes a more direct line of contact to the developers and early promotional material. This is not an open line to talk about game design or how we handle our business, we ultimately hold the final decision on what happens with the Periscope Games brands.


Everyone likes perks and with Post Scriptum, it’s no different. Here are some of the perks you can expect in the future:

  • Direct line of communication with Periscope Games staff.
  • Guaranteed access to events and previews when applicable.
  • Sneak peek of future content, teasers and trailers.
  • Access content creator events.
  • Early access to private information like WIP Images and videos, information about upcoming blogs and dev blogs and more.
  • Marketing and Social Media highlighting.
  • Official Partner graphics.
  • Possible Twitch hosting.
  • And much more to come in the future!

What we don't want to see.

  • No hate speech. This includes but is not limited to racial slurs, homophobic remarks, transphobic remarks, and other derogatory languages. 
  • No personal attacks or harassment.
  • No extreme ideologies.
  • No dishonesty or intentional misinformation about products.
  • No violation of copyrights. Be respectful. Get clearance.
  • No promotion of cheats, hacks, or exploits
  • No pornographic content.
  • No real-world gore, death, or excessively violent content.

Our current list of partners.

Would you like to become a Post Scriptum Partner?

Unfortunately our partner program is closed for submissions at this time.

Our Partner Program can only sustain a number of creators at any given time so that we can better support them and their content.

While we appreciate your interest in the Program we cannot currently accept any submissions, however we will open this back up as capacity increases or our list of partners get smaller.

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