- April 1st, 2020 -

Mini Devblog – “Arnhem Easy Mode”

Greetings everyone!

Over the last few months, we have not only noticed an influx in players, but also some glaring issues that come with it.

In particular, players noted how difficult it is to cross bridges as attackers, notably Arnhem. So for that reason, we have decided to overhaul the map so that players are more easily able to cross the bridge and secure a foothold in the city. We call this “Arnhem Easy Mode” and it will be available in the next patch.

What is Arnhem Easy Mode?

Well, Arnhem Easy Mode primarily aim to balance the attackers more effectively so that the task of getting across the bridge is more manageable for players. Some important additions have been made the map that we shall go over now.

  • First of all, we have added more bridges to make the chance of crossing much easier, we’ve also added more pontoons so you won’t need to worry about crossing the main bridge with your tanks.
  • We also found some of these weird boats that were left a few months ago, they can help you better cross the river without the need for bridges.
  • The high command has also approved the use of new experimental vehicles and weapons.
  • And because crossing a river wasn’t enough we’ve also dug tunnels into the town, this should make it easier to get those logistics across without being harmed.

Coming in the next patch, we are very excited to share this new mode with you and we hope that it resolves the issues players have been had with bridge crossings. Now, we plan to roll this change out to all bridge layers, but we felt that Arnhem is a good test bench for this new experimental change.


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