- July 7th, 2018 -

Weekend Test Now Open!

Our testing build is now online and you can now experience the iconic paradrop as British Airborne troops jump out of waves of C-47 Skytrains along with Commander Artillery Barrages.

Pre-order to get instant access to our testing weekend.


-Gameplay: New spawn restriction on MSP (restriction visible on the minimap as SL, or MSP driver)
-Gameplay: Commander icon on the minimap
-Gameplay: Sniper sway is smoother
-Gameplay: Markers are visible over greater distance
-Gameplay: Engine torque fixed on multiple vehicles
-Gameplay: Pontoon can no longer be destroyed or un shoveled
-Gameplay: Armored and Logi section can only be locked if a minimum of 3 players are in
-Gameplay: Weapon sway on low stamina tweaked
-Gameplay: Pontoon icons are invisible to defenders
-Gameplay: Poontoon icon change based on their status
-Gameplay: Hovering the mouse over a vehicle on the minimap show player’s names
-Gameplay: Bushes and small rivers will affect your running speed
-Gameplay: HUD marker distance visibility increased by 50 meters
-Gameplay: Pontoon icon is changing color based on its health state

-Add: Heelsum S06, S07, S08
-Add: Driel S06, S07, D01, D02
-Add: Oosterbeek S06, S07, D01
-Add: Artillery module for Commander
-Add: Coaxial MG34 to Stug III and Jagdpanzer 4
-Add: Coaxial BESA MG to T17
-Add: New Radial UI

-Fix: Ladders can be climbed again
-Fix: Downscaled textures unnecessary too big
-Fix: Optimized some explosion FX
-Fix: Tanks are no longer firing small grenades in slomo
-Fix: Grass density increased
-Fix: Main menu music colume setting
-Fix: Vehicle UI should no longer stay after death
-Fix: Possible fix on bombs not being played on all clients
-Fix: Deployables can no longer be placed on soldiers volumes
-Fix: Possible fix on vehicle UI staying on screen after death



If you have not already pre-ordered Post Scriptum. You can access to the testing weekend by doing so.

~ Periscope Games


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