- June 26th, 2019 -

Steam Summer Sale and Development Sit Rep

Hey everyone, Steam Summer Sale is here and Post Scriptum is a HOT 40% off until July 9th! Pick up Post Scriptum while it’s on sale just in time for our soon coming releases, which we have an update on for you all below!


As of last week we have began the process of the upgrade to Unreal Engine 4.21 and the work has been ongoing by our programmers, along with help and guidance from our publisher Offworld Industries who have recently undergone the same upgrade.
This process is notoriously difficult and the fallout of the upgrade is a breaking of many of our systems and features which we need to first find and then resolve. Fortunately, one of the new features of this engine is an identification tool which narrows down the field of potential suspects and should allow a quicker identification time. However the amount of work that will be required to fix the breaks is still large and will take time. While our programmers are busy with this task we have established a separate workspace where the rest of the team can continue their work on the next chapters bringing new theatres with their respective factions, weapons and vehicles. We are excited to share the next chapter with you and we’re looking forward to announcing soon!

Once the engine upgrade is complete our coders can jump back into the features they have been working on prior to the upgrade which includes the sandbox mode and SDK function. Alongside these there has been some other exciting gameplay additions which will be going into testing over the next couple of weeks. Once we are confident these new additions work we hope to share at the next Tea Time With The Devs which we will look to schedule soon. Stay tuned!

Finally we are beginning final preparations for the Post Scriptum Nation Crew event we mentioned at our last Tea Time With The Devs. PSNC will be an armoured event which will be organised for the community, by the community, and will be facilitated via our official discord. We will be sending out news for that event during the second week of July!

We appreciate everyone’s patience during this period of difficult work for the team, and we have committed to ensuring that we will only release the new engine update when it is as-stable, if not more than, the current version.

As always, many thanks to you for your continued support and we hope you are as excited as we are for what is just around the corner for Post Scriptum!



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