- July 15th, 2020 -

Progress update on the next patch.

Hey guys!

We want to make a quick little update on progress with the next patch.

We have seen and heard the voices of our community and our partners and we want to clarify that we are committed to ensuring that Post Scriptum remains true to the original vision, we are looking at how we can make changes that suit the changing needs of our community without compromising the long time players of the game.

Several things will change with the next patch and some of the changes you can expect are as followed.


  • Changes to how the minefield restriction work on Invasion to a more permanent and functional solution.
  • Several bug fixes to the core game.
  • New outlines for buildable emplacements show the build state of the deployable as well as a health bar. (This will only be visible with the shovel in your hand)

  • A new victory screen with team and personal statistics.

  • A server MOTD configurable for more flexibility for our hosters. 

  • New M3 Half-track, AT Rebalance and much more.


For the short and long term, we will continue work on the 3rd Chapter 2 map, more layers for Chapter 1, more armoured layers for Chapter 1 as well as the SDK and Sandbox.

Possible alternative layers with mixed factions are to be considered. (For example French 1940 vs Germany 1940 on Driel or British forces on Stonne 1944)


We want to reassure that Post Scriptum will not deviate and that the game will continue to remain true to the original vision.

Lastly, we want to thank our wonderful players for their support throughout the years and we hope to share many more great moments with the community.

Romain Ferchat – CEO, Periscope Games


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