- May 30th, 2019 -

Grave Now Available – v1.0.487.9205 Released

v1.0.487.9205 is now available for download!

Detailed release preview: http://postscriptumgame.com/grave-release-30-may/



-Add: New map “Grave”
-Add: Main menu overhaul
-Add: Tutorial and wiki added to main menu
-Add: Local play enabled for the training range
-Add: Loading screen for each map and game mode
-Add: Weapons can now be rested on nearby surface
-Add: Tactical HUD now replaces the compass key
-Add: Tank sight can now be ranged
-Add: Air friction to tank shell (drop)
-Add: Shells now lose penetration factor over distance based on real life data
-Add: New shell types APC and APCBC
-Add: Kill volume under all maps
-Add: New canteen animation for US
-Add: Arnhem range updated minimap
-Add: 9 new layers of Veghel AAS
-Add: 3 new layers of Veghel Offensive

-Gameplay: Weapon have more sway if not rested (even more with low stamina)
-Gameplay: Artillery damage radius is increased by 35%
-Gameplay: HE splash damage is increased on all shells except 20mmHE
-Gameplay: Radius to disable a regroup call is now 33% smaller
-Gameplay: More spawn points on flag to avoid spawnkill
-Gameplay: Squad leaders can only access SMG’s if 2 or more players are in the section
-Gameplay: Pistol rounds deal 15% more damage to soldiers
-Gameplay: AP and AT mines are now grouped in multiple mines
-Gameplay: Mines are consistent for all faction. 2 AT and 3 AP per player
-Gameplay: Rebalancing Best bridge area
-Gameplay: Strafing run impacts are more effective against flesh targets

-Fix: Best bridge collision blocking wreck destruction
-Fix: Doorwerth S10 cap zone size
-Fix: Leaning not working in some capture area
-Fix: Missing reload sound on Stuart hull MG
-Fix: Disable engine toggle for ATG’s
-Fix: Flak 38 using wrong tracers
-Fix: Parachute animation stuck when killed while dropping
-Fix: All commanders can now use the radio without getting out of the vehicle
-Fix: Emplacement can be rebuilt after partial destruction

-Sounds: Dynamic reverb system added to interior spaces
-Sounds: M1 Garand tweak
-Sounds: Panther Engine tweak
-Sounds: Cromwell new engine
-Sounds: Music now plays over loading screen

-FX: New bullet impact on grass, dirt and mud (small and medium calibers)

-Optimisation: Vehicle wreck lod values
-Optimisation: Building lod values (heavy change)
-Optimisation: Shockwave FX tweak
-Optimisation: Drawing distance for foliage tweaked on all maps

-Community: Adding IceKK’s TAA antialiasing tweak as default
-Community: All shovel now have the same construction speed
-Community: Supply crates can be destroyed by explosive damage
-Community: Allow placement of deployables near FOBs when over free limit using nearby CT
-Community: Adding collision to logistic truck cargo so people can’t hide under them
-Community: Allow regroup call radios to be used as functional radio
-Community: Reduce ability to build bunkers where it should not be possible



Thank you again from everyone at Periscope Games, we are looking forward to an exciting future with you all as we explore the next chapter of Post Sciptum!


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