- March 4th, 2020 -

Mini Devblog – “Chapter 1 Uniforms”

Greetings everyone!

For the past few days, we have been gathering historical information both from historians and community members about the uniforms of factions presently playable in the game. 


Today we present to you a glimpse of the new Wehrmacht & 1st Airborne 1944 version. This version will available as soon as all the new tweaks on the characters are not causing any potential gameplay related issues.



Here is a detailed list of the changes made to the 1944 Wehrmacht faction: 


– Fixed off-centre legs and made officer trousers bigger

– Added correct trousers with gaiters to the enlisted.

– Added a rolled up sleeve tunic variant.

– Corrected positions of breadbag, canteen, tin can, gas canister and zeltbahn to fit a non-A-Frame loadout.

– Added arm and shoulder patches

– Added correct collar tabs to NCO’s

– Added eagle (without swastika) to uniform

– Added new head meshes to characters and gave them a less baffled, more serious default look.

– Added more role-specific gear and insignias

– Changed canteen cover to fur instead of cloth (cloth was used post-1950)

– Gave uniforms a slightly more greenish tint to match historical references.

– Slightly tweaked the colors of various gear to match historical references.

– Added Iron cross ribbon to NCO’s and Officers


Alongside the changes made to the German Wehrmacht faction, we have also been working extensively on updating the British 1st Airborne and their uniforms to be up to par with the new Wehrmacht ones.


We have been looking at historical references in order to give them a more historically correct appearance and like the Wehrmacht, they’ll be available as soon as we’ve ensured they won’t cause any potential issues for players.



Here is a detailed list of the changes made to the 1944 1st Airborne faction:


– Adjusted the body proportions of the characters.

– Fixed legs being offset.

– Added correct Airborne patches.

– Added some randomized head meshes.

– Adjusted the Helmet netting texture.

– Added a few more helmet variations.

– Added the NCO rank arm patch.


We want to also mention that as of now the changes does not include the tanker uniforms for either faction, but they will also be getting a pass to make them fit in with the new uniforms.


And of course, we have more to come…



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2 responses to “Mini Devblog – “Chapter 1 Uniforms””

  1. attal says:

    A quand le chapitre 3? Hâte de le tester! Sinon ce qu’il serait bien de rajouter ça serait un système de vote pour les membres d’un corps d’infanterie afin de pouvoir exclure de la section leur sergent qui n’a pas de micro. Il faudrait également faire de même pour tous les sergents, ils devraient pouvoir voter contre un commandant qui n’a pas de micro.

  2. Joel says:

    Players should earn medals based on their actual performance.
    This would give some nice dynamic variety to the aesthetics of squad members.