- March 13th, 2020 -

Chapter 1 Character Update now available! – Update v2.0.411.13631

Hey guys!

Today’s patch will focus on our first phase of character looks in 3 faction uniforms, facial and animation improvements. Along with it, several other fixes as you can check below.


Wehrmacht 1944

– Fixed off center legs and made officer trousers bigger
– Added correct trousers with gaiters to the enlisted.
– Added a rolled up sleeve tunic variant.
– Corrected positions of breadbag, canteen, tin can, gas canister and zeltbahn to fit a non A-Frame loadout.
– Added arm and shoulder patches
– Added correct collar tabs to NCO’s
– Added eagle (without swastika) to uniform
– Added new head meshes to characters and gave them a less baffled, more serious default look.
– Added more role specific gear and insignias
– Changed canteen cover to fur instead of cloth (cloth was used post 1950)
– Gave uniforms a slightly more greenish tint to match historical references.
– Slightly tweaked the colors of various gear to match historical references.
– Added Iron Cross ribbon to NCO’s and Officers


1st Airborne

– Adjusted the body proportions of the characters.
– Fixed legs being offset.
– Added correct Airborne patches.
– Added some randomized head meshes.
– Adjusted the Helmet netting texture.
– Added a few more helmet variations.
– Added the NCO rank arm patch.


Polish 1st Independent Airborne

– Added proper insignia to the helmet
– Added Grey berets for commander and radioman


Other visual changes:


– Rigged new head meshes and added an idle animation [blinking/eye movement] and death pose

– Tweaked gore on head meshes
– Changed K98k, Mp40 and g41 3p lowered animations
– Character now tilts his head in 3p when freelooking right or left
– Reduced some unnecessary high texture resolutions to help reduce stuttering

– Added new method for character creation pipeline for Wehrmacht and 1st airborne. Will be expanded to other factions in the future.

– Fixed spawn points at Dinant Church capzone on Dinant Offensive 03
– Fixed unlimited french vehicle spawners
– Fixed ammo trailer wreck spawning at world 0,0,0
– Fixed movement animations not working with the repair tool
– Fixed Velmolen Offensive 03 specialized vehicle spawner being inside barn
– Fixed river in Best not damaging vehicles
– Fixed french troops being able to walk and drive into german main on Dinant Offensive 02
– Fixed hedge collision in Doorwerth
– Fixed some level design and building issues in Dinant
– Fixed missing tank wreck collision in Stonne
– Changed reload method for mortars to prevent spam (Press R to reload / Reload will reset if the player exits vehicle before finishing the reload)
– Changed Springfield ADS blur
– Changed wounded team members now represented by greyed out markers to non-medics on the minimap




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