4.21 Mini Devblog 5 “Performance”

Greetings everyone! Our work in upgrading Post Scriptum to 4.21 version of the Unreal Engine has been a 5 month long period that is finally showing us a bright light at the end of the tunnel. This week our testing team had the chance to try a playable build and the results have been very pleasant. Despite the existence of some (funny) gameplay breaking bugs… …the vast majority of testers reported a significant performance increase that they have never experienced before in past iterations. We will continue with more tests in forthcoming days, but so far performance and server stability…

November 1st, 2019


4.21 Mini Devblog 4 “Sound”

Hey everyone! During the conversion to UE4 version 4.21, we’ve had some time to look into how we can improve player feedback for armored gameplay, both inside tanks and infantry around them. Vast improvements have been made to tank shell flyby audio in terms of design and how they work, only triggering at correct distances from the player and having a more realistic and most importantly, visceral feel. There are also different flyby variants dependant on shell size. HE and AP shells of all sizes have had an impact and explosion audio revamps, AP now has a much more distinct…

October 16th, 2019


4.21 Mini Devblog 3 “Roadmap”

Hey everyone! Throughout the past few weeks we have been reading your feedback and suggestions on how to improve PS for the better. We have put together a roadmap that outlines the plans for Post Scriptum over the foreseeable future.  Please keep in mind that the order of the items on the roadmap does not represent the release schedule of the content. ROADMAP (You can press the image to enlarge the roadmap)   During our ongoing work on the roadmap, our level designers have been revamping the older and newer maps with new visuals. Below you can use the interactive…

October 10th, 2019


4.21 Mini Devblog 2 “Animations”

Greetings everyone! In the first Mini Devblog, we spoke about the changes we made to the maps and visuals of the game.  As work continues on the Unreal Engine 4.21 upgrade, our artists have been remaking and improving outdated animations. The goal was to bring them up to new standards and provide a more visceral and polished feel to the general handling of the weapons.   The following video shows the updated animations of the Gewehr 41, STG44, Walther P38, and the M1A1 Thompson Next to the weapon animation changes, work has also been undergoing on the character movement animations…

October 4th, 2019


4.21 Mini Devblog 1 “Landscape”

Greetings! As some of you may already know, we were in the process of upgrading the Unreal Engine 4.16 version to 4.21. This milestone has been achieved in the previous month. However, we are going through a mountain of bugs, broken features and visual corrections that have been caused by the engine upgrade. At the moment, we are dealing with issues in several fields, such as UI or vehicle mechanics. In parallel to the hard work of our programmers who are working on fixing core components of the game, the artists have been working on audio changes, updated animations, visual…

September 27th, 2019


4.21 SITREP & Company Trip

Hey everyone! Time for a little update. Since we released the Gore Patch, which was the last patch of UE 4.16 we have shifted the team over to working with getting the upgrade to 4.21 finished. (More on that later) ARNHEM EVENT First of all, as some of you might know we had some of our team members take a trip to Arnhem for an event known as “The Game”, hosted by the Bridge To Liberation organization. This was very exciting to us as we had the opportunity to see Post Scriptum on the big screen! Not only that but the…

September 4th, 2019


Gore update now available – v1.0.641.9927 released!

Hello everyone, First of all, before we get into what changed in this exciting patch, we would like to start off by thanking the entire community who was of great help getting this patch ready over the last few days in various public testing events! Thanks guys, you rock! Now, let’s get to it. A little over a month ago, we decided to patch the game one last time before we moved on to Unreal Engine 4.21. While this process is still slowly and painfully ongoing by our coding department, we decided to patch one more time on UE 4.16…

July 26th, 2019


Steam Summer Sale and Development Sit Rep

Hey everyone, Steam Summer Sale is here and Post Scriptum is a HOT 40% off until July 9th! Pick up Post Scriptum while it’s on sale just in time for our soon coming releases, which we have an update on for you all below!   As of last week we have began the process of the upgrade to Unreal Engine 4.21 and the work has been ongoing by our programmers, along with help and guidance from our publisher Offworld Industries who have recently undergone the same upgrade. This process is notoriously difficult and the fallout of the upgrade is a…

June 26th, 2019


Post Scriptum Free Weekend

As we approach the 75 year anniversary of D-Day, we felt it only right that we contribute toward the remembrance of such a significant date in our history by opening our doors and offering everyone the Post Scriptum experience for the weekend! Kicking off on Thursday and running until Sunday the game will be free to try on steam! But if the weekend isn’t long enough for you, don’t worry, you can take advantage of our biggest ever sale! Post Scriptum will be available with 40% off in the steam store! Jump in from tomorrow. See you on the battlefield…

June 5th, 2019


Grave Now Available – v1.0.487.9205 Released

v1.0.487.9205 is now available for download! Detailed release preview:   Changelog: -Add: New map “Grave” -Add: Main menu overhaul -Add: Tutorial and wiki added to main menu -Add: Local play enabled for the training range -Add: Loading screen for each map and game mode -Add: Weapons can now be rested on nearby surface -Add: Tactical HUD now replaces the compass key -Add: Tank sight can now be ranged -Add: Air friction to tank shell (drop) -Add: Shells now lose penetration factor over distance based on real life data -Add: New shell types APC and APCBC -Add: Kill volume under…

May 30th, 2019