US Airborne Now Available

Today is the day we launch the first part of our US Airborne update to the public. This includes the map Velmolen with the 82nd Airborne along with all the new weapons & equipment of the US Airborne. You can expect to see 2 additional maps (Grave and Veghel) in the near future along with the 101st Airborne. This weekend we will be hosting a StackUp event with OWI & Onward. In honor of this and the launch of the US Airborne, we are also turning this weekend into a free event for all steam users alongside a -25% Off…

November 13th, 2018


Arnhem Now Available – Update v1.0.120 Released

We are pleased to announce that we have just updated the public branch with Update v1.0.116 that includes our new map Arnhem where you can experience an accurate recreation Arnhem and in famous battle for the Bridge. Changelog -Gameplay: Tank handling massive overhaul -Gameplay: Removed team lock restriction -Gameplay: Razorwire deals 3 times more damage to infantry soldiers -Gameplay: British Armored Cars are getting more damage from TNT and 20mm AP -Gameplay: German Sappers and Heavy AT get Haftholladung (Magnetic Mine) -Gameplay: German and British light anti tank get 4 rockets (2 previously) -Gameplay: Regroup call cooldown is now 2…

October 18th, 2018


Update v1.0.91 – Changelog

Hello everyone, Since our livestream Friday, some of our community members on Discord were testing Arnhem for the very first time and we have to say, the map was extremely well received. A few collision issues here and there as well as some game design tweaking is needed in order to make this new map live on the public branch, but this is very promising. A new patch is coming your way today! And this time, it is all about optimization with some heavy shader tweaking and love for the logistic section! Here are some of the main changes to…

September 24th, 2018


Operation Market Garden: Day 1

September 17th, 1944, exactly 74 years ago, the British 1st Airborne Division jumped out of C-47 Skytrains and landed in Horsa gliders onto the fields near Oosterbeek & Heelsum outside Arnhem. It was a beautiful sunny day without much resistance from German garrisons.  Alongside the 101st Airborne dropped on the outskirts of Eindhoven and the 82nd Airborne at Nijmegen. All with the clear objective to seize key bridges as soon as possible, for Montgomery and the tank corps to push up straight north to Arnhem. On this anniversary it is important for us to respect the fallen and recognize the…

September 17th, 2018


Upcoming Patch

Hello everyone, Since in our last letter, we said we would increase our communication with the community, here are some updates about what’s going on internally and most importantly, what you guys should expect in the very near future. We are currently working on a patch with the following changes and more. A new vehicle will soon be available to both Wehrmacht and Waffen SS, the Sdkfz.7 with a Flak 38 mounted on its flatbed. This vehicle will not have any section restriction. You will also be able to man a few emplaced Flak 36 88mm shielded and unshielded on…

August 13th, 2018


Open letter from Periscope Games

We want to write this open letter to our followers, fans and the most recent customers of Post Scriptum to update on the current situation of the project and address concerns about the game’s launch. We apologize beforehand for the honest mistake (and we can’t sincerely stress this enough) that the outdated information on our Steam page has caused some customers to feel mislead. Despite being such a small team, we had imposed upon ourselves a rigorous schedule up until release which, inevitably lead to some unfortunate errors. Some minor, but also others quite serious like the current case. In…

August 10th, 2018


Post Scriptum Released on Steam (PC)

It has been two years and it all still feels quite surreal to be here today. Post Scriptum started as a mod with the idea of creating the tactical game of our dreams. The team made a lot of personal sacrifices without the knowledge that this mere passion would develop into a professional product that so many others would able to enjoy. That passion has been put to the ultimate test, transforming a dream into an entity that requires production planning, deadlines and inter-team cooperation; all whilst under the immense pressure to deliver not only an outstanding game, but one…

August 9th, 2018


Open Beta Now Available

We would like to announce that the Open Beta is now available to play of Post Scriptum! Those who Pre-Order will get instant access and will be able to play 24/7 until our release on August 9th, 2018. To celebrate we’d like to release a teaser trailer for you to enjoy! Beta FAQ What is the Open Beta? The Open Beta will run from July 18th till August 9th, 2018 and will be playable 24/7 during that time. This period will allow us to collect important information in order to resolve bugs and optimization in time for the release of…

July 18th, 2018


Release date postponed, Beta access from next week.

Dear PS Community, We want to thank everyone for your support and helping us with our previous week-end tests of Post Scriptum. It has been truly amazing for us to see the positive reception during our past public playtests from live streams to the comments being shared. However, we realize that there are still bugs and issues keeping you from enjoying the game to the fullest. We really value you as our community and want to ensure our game is the best we can have it for release. After this past weekend test, we recognize that there are still issues…

July 12th, 2018


Hotfix Deployed & Test Extended

Last night we deployed a hotfix which has resolved the server crash issue. We understand that this problem made it difficult to play with frequent crashes. With that we have decided to extend the playtest until: Monday July 9th @ 8AM GMT / 4AM EST / 10AM CET. Thanks for playing Post Scriptum! You can still get into the testing by pre-ordering. Changelog – Server crash fix – Bush collision was made a bit smaller – Puddle Impact fix

July 8th, 2018