Chapter II Devblog – “Maginot”

Greetings! It’s been a couple of months since we last gave you all a brief look at the 3rd Chapter 2 map which has now been in development for quite some time and for good reason. Let’s chat about it. The map has finally reached a stage where it’s presentable and we can finally unveil the location of this 3rd location from our 1940’s Battle of France. MAGINOT Meet the “Maginot” map which will be the up until now mysterious 3rd Chapter 2 location. The Maginot map as you can imagine is based on the most northern part of the…

October 21st, 2020


Development Devblog – New Tank Deck System

Greetings! As part of our ongoing focus on the core gameplay elements of Post Scriptum, we have spent the last couple of months working towards a game that rewards teamwork and tries to further discourage lone wolfing.   One of the biggest challenges for us revolves around our combined arms gameplay, particularly the Anti Tank meta vs our Armour, since infantry Anti-Tank will often spend much of their time hunting armour rather than participating in battle we introduced a rebalanced a couple of patches ago that addressed the concern somewhat, making the Anti Tank much less effective on his own….

September 4th, 2020


Progress update on the next patch.

Hey guys! We want to make a quick little update on progress with the next patch. We have seen and heard the voices of our community and our partners and we want to clarify that we are committed to ensuring that Post Scriptum remains true to the original vision, we are looking at how we can make changes that suit the changing needs of our community without compromising the long time players of the game. Several things will change with the next patch and some of the changes you can expect are as followed.   Changes to how the minefield…

July 15th, 2020


The Airborne Museum at Hartenstein needs your help!

Greetings!   We are still full steam ahead with fixes and optimizations to Post Scriptum alongside our new feedback program “Through the Periscope”. However, there is a more urgent and pressing matter we feel that needs your attention. Post Scriptum like many other games in the genre relies very heavily on history and the archival of this in order to do what we do. With the war slowly reaching its 100-year mark, we are very grateful for the many museums and curators who work to preserve the history that is very quickly disappearing from memories of individuals.     One…

June 17th, 2020


Announcing new feedback program: “Through the Periscope”

Greetings! We are super excited to see everyone having fun and enjoying the new Carentan map, but we feel that there is something else that we need to address. Over the last few weeks, we’ve been discussing and have realised that a lot of our players feel that their feedback isn’t being heard or acknowledged, we want to address this concern and to do that we are making some changes to how we interact with the feedback we get from the community. For that reason, we are now announcing a brand new Community Feedback program that we’ve decided to call…

June 3rd, 2020


Carentan releasing May 28th!

Greetings! The road to Chapter 3 has not been completely smooth and we’ve had to deal with a number of issues that kept us from releasing our very anticipated Carentan map. We are now a month down the line and we are finally satisfied with the state of Carentan, which means that it will release to the public 28th of May at 4 PM CEST and as you might have guessed this is tomorrow, we are super excited to share Carentan with you.  We spent the last month ensuring that Carentan is playing and performing the way we want it…

May 27th, 2020


Post Scriptum: Day of Days now available!

Greetings! We are super excited to announce that the 3rd Chapter titled “Day of Days” is now available for download on Steam! This is one massive update and brings a lot of changes, fixes and new additions to Post Scriptum, but before we get into the changes we want to thank you all for your support throughout the development of Post Scriptum, the game wouldn’t have been possible without the support from our players. Now we understand that a lot of players were expecting the Carentan map alongside the 6. Fallschirmjägers, but due to the setbacks as explained in this…

April 23rd, 2020


Chapter III Devblog & First Look Event Guest List

Greetings! With Chapter 3 “Day of Days” only a few days away we wanted to show off some of the things that you can expect with this exciting next chapter.   Invasion Gamemode Starting off with a new game mode called “Invasion”. This new game mode was designed with Offensive as the base game mode, but it has a twist. Instead of capturing points, you will start off by landing either on the shores of Utah or arriving by drop planes in the dead of night. You have to destroy a set of objectives with explosives in order to progress….

April 21st, 2020


Post Scriptum Chapter 3 Release Date + Reveal Trailer [2020]

Prepare for the Invasion of Normandy! Post Scriptum: Day of Days free expansion is coming April 23rd on Steam.     Sincerely, Periscope Games

April 3rd, 2020


Mini Devblog – “Arnhem Easy Mode”

Greetings everyone! Over the last few months, we have not only noticed an influx in players, but also some glaring issues that come with it. In particular, players noted how difficult it is to cross bridges as attackers, notably Arnhem. So for that reason, we have decided to overhaul the map so that players are more easily able to cross the bridge and secure a foothold in the city. We call this “Arnhem Easy Mode” and it will be available in the next patch. What is Arnhem Easy Mode? Well, Arnhem Easy Mode primarily aim to balance the attackers more…

April 1st, 2020