- October 16th, 2019 -

4.21 Mini Devblog 4 “Sound”

Hey everyone!

During the conversion to UE4 version 4.21, we’ve had some time to look into how we can improve player feedback for armored gameplay, both inside tanks and infantry around them. Vast improvements have been made to tank shell flyby audio in terms of design and how they work, only triggering at correct distances from the player and having a more realistic and most importantly, visceral feel. There are also different flyby variants dependant on shell size.

HE and AP shells of all sizes have had an impact and explosion audio revamps, AP now has a much more distinct ‘thud’ to the impact, whereas HE has a much larger ‘boom’. Also, thanks to new systems available in the OWI Core 4.21 framework, we have finally been able to implement internal impact sounds for vehicle occupants [both transport and armoured], so you can now tell that your hull has been hit by either HE/AP shells, rockets or small arms rounds. All tank occupants can now hear the vehicle’s weapons systems from the correct internal perspective, to make the overall experience much more immersive for the whole crew.

All of the above are aiming to allow the player to more quickly and accurately discern what kind of armoured threat they are facing, if there is no clear visual, and for armoured players to see some enhancements to immersion. 

There have also been some continual improvements to some infantry weapons and kits that required a bit of love since release.

– K98 firing sounds
– Lee Enfield firing and reload sounds [new animations]
– G41 firing and reload sounds [new animations]
– Sten MkV firing and reload sounds [new animations]
– British No77 Phosphorus grenade ‘pinpull’ and explosion sounds
– StG44 firing and reload sounds [new animations]
– P38 reload sounds [new animations]
– G43 firing sounds

We realised that we really wanted ‘vanilla’ PS content to hold up to more recent additions such as the US faction, as well as future chapter content we’ve been working on behind the scenes. And that finishes off the Devblog this week, we will have more to show you soon.

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